Hi ho, Qantas… away!

Passport? (check)

E-Ticket? (check)

Guitar? (check)

Red wine? (check)

Data roaming? (off)

250 boxes of Combantrin? (check)

This is it friends. Meredith and Pete in all their third-person glory are on their way to the Philippines, an archipelago of over 7 000 islands with a population vicinitising 100 million. And as we go… two things:

Thing 1: Thank you to so many of our friends (St Luke’s, Upper Room and random mates) who gave us money and helped us buy several thousand dollars worth of Combantrin, pregnancy vitamins and other stuff. We really appreciate it… unless of course, there’s a problem at Aquino Airport Customs and we end up in jail. In which case, our friendship is over.

“Our Combantrin cubby house”

Thing 2: For those who pray – please pray for courage, humility, safety, and physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Pray that our work will be dignifying and respectful of the people we encounter, and that we will be worthy ambassadors of God and country. (Pray for our daughters!)
For those who don’t pray – it will be reassuring to know you are thinking of us from time to time. Appreciate your support and good wishes.

“Thanks to our “Supplier”, Grant Ovens of RPA Hospital Carillion Pharmacy”

So, “so long… and thanks for all the fish combantrin.” Keep you posted. There’s plenty more to come.

2 responses to “Hi ho, Qantas… away!”

  1. Anne Looby says :

    Will be thinking of you both!! And although I am not known to pray on a regular basis – for you, I will pray. Much love to you both. Stay safe. Stay well. We will watch over the girls. Annie, James, Gus & Neve xxxx

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